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Book forthcoming from Civil Coping Mechanisms in 2015.



No coffee, booze, soda, juices. No cigarettes, cigars, weed, cocaine, heroin, pills; no recreational drugs. No cable, no CNN, no FOX, no MSNBC, no NPR, no New York Times. No newspapers. No ESPN, no UFC, no Speed Channel, no Pay-per-view. No fast food, no candy bars, no Cheetos, Doritos, Lay’s,…

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"When I finished reading Our Prayers After the Fire I saw that my fists were clenched tight. I’d been trying to grab a fistful, punch my way in. I wanted to get inside this book, figure out how it did what it did. I felt grateful and jealous, two of my favorite emotions when reading. Now my fists are open, my palms out. Katie Jean Shinkle is a writer who makes you beg for more, more, more.”

-Lindsay Hunter

Our Prayers After the Fire's exquisite discontinuation lays waste to the tired turns of conventional fiction. Every sentence is a wonder here, every gesture is fresh, and Katie Jean Shinkle has given us a book that's as wacky, consecrated, and as unsettling as a fever.”

-Paul Lisicky

"Katie Jean Shinkle performs extraordinary feats of emotional and narrative funambulism in Our Prayers After the Fire. Her linguistic high-wire dexterity is gorgeous and devastating in equal measure. It is, in fact, the painful deadpan beauty of the prose that will knock you to your knees and allow you to feel things you may never have felt. Prepare to be happily shattered.”

-Kellie Wells



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I publish everything by buying reams of paper from staples and printing on 2 laser printers (one I found on the street w/ 3 full toner cartridges, the other I got as a christmas gift 1.5 years ago…


The final cover of my forthcoming novel Our Prayers After the Fire (Blue Square Press)


The final cover of my forthcoming novel Our Prayers After the Fire (Blue Square Press)

… bloated cadaver of the bourgeoisie… I am the one in the greaser room… nazi glamour… Dear friend, I see your pig lips and your pig eyes and your pretty pink body everywhere I go. Dear Los Angeles, stop cutting yourself, I’m not you.

- Excerpt from The Sugar Book by Johannes Göransson. Read the rest here.

End Times

Cantos for the Crestfallen



Pseudo-Leopardi. Cantos for the Crestfallen. Translated by A. Necrezută, F. Pilastru & I. Imaculată. ISBN-13: 978-0692218853. ISBN-10: 0692218858. gnOme, 2014. 44 pp. $10.00.

Pseudo-Leopardi’s Cantos for the Crestfallen, here translated for the first time from the Romanian original,…